3 December 2015

Just had an issue crop up where a web tool we created for data gathering could no longer query AD for membership groups of a computer. It only seemed to be happening on new machines added to the enterprise; old ones continued to work fine. After checking with the team that manages AD to see if they changed anything we were stumped. Couldn’t find anything wrong anywhere with permissions or account locks or anything else.

My C# code was using the FindOne method for DirectorySearcher. All of our hostnames are unique and we only have one domain so how could that be a problem? Well, it turns out something has started causing DNS entries in AD (which I wasn’t aware that we were even using that in AD… DHCP and DNS is actually managed by another product) to return back before computer objects. Perhaps the folks imaging and adding machines to the domain have changed a workflow. When querying the older PCs the computer object gets returned first.

Needless to say my DirectorySearcher now asks for a computer object class. So always make your filters as detailed as possible! (I should know this already….)

If anyone finds this and wants to know if multiple objects are being returned you can use the following powershell code (after importing the ActiveDirectory module):

Get-ADObject -LDAPFilter “(name=HOSTNAME)”

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