22 September 2015

I know, this title is pretty vague and can cover a lot of different causes but this one didn’t stand out to me at first and I thought I would share it. Got called by a user at one of the facilities who could authenticate when logging into the machine but all network locations he […]

7 August 2015

I decided to be an early adopter of an OS for once and upgraded to Windows 10 the weekend after it released. It’s not completely awful but it’s also not without it’s headaches. One thing I wanted to post and share was this little bit of info since there doesn’t seem to be anything on […]

20 April 2014

I’ve learned that you need a Host-only network adapter for both VM’s in order for the workstation to connect to the server.  Thanks http://www.duncansutcliffe.com/?p=16

3 February 2014

As part of my slow-moving efforts within my company to get WinRM enabled across the enterprise (14,000 computers…) I’ve had to do a bit of testing to make sure I can properly secure it.  Much of that testing is around setting the execution level and making sure nothing outside of what I or my team […]