5 April 2015

Freelance Automated Scripting Engineer

I am available to write custom scripts for automating any desktop or server tasks you have.  I’ve written tens of thousands of lines for PowerShell scripts and I can work in other languages such as Batch, AutoIT, and VB.  I’ve also worked quite a bit with the following web-related languages:  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Some of the scripts I’ve written for my current employer include:

  • Server Event Log monitoring including taking action upon the event and sending alerts.
  • Data gathering from select or all PCs in the enterprise
  • Modifying registry keys and ini files
  • Elevating user privileges based off of AD group and software installed on the machine.
  • Automatically setting up kiosk auto login
  • Modifying AD user, computer, and group objects
  • And many more!

I’ve developed methods of multi-threading for faster processing of scripts, progress notification, email alerts, custom CSV files and other useful tricks that make taking action faster and easier.  I can develop the framework of the script and send it so that your IT folks can put it in the final code to make it work with your systems (and be available to troubleshoot any issues).  I can also write the complete script tailored to your environment (this will most likely require my having access to your systems to do the development and test).

If you have tedious, repetitive tasks or critical ones that must be done exactly the same way every time, send me an email describing what you need and I’ll write you a script that works!


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