17 May 2012

So I built a new PC this week!  I’ll post more about that later, for now I want to document how I got booting the Windows 7 install in UEFI working so that I can take advantage of my whole 3TB drive and not just 2TB of it! The UEFI “BIOS” comes pre-config’d for UEFI […]

2 May 2012

UPDATE 01/30/2014 There is a registry hack in Windows 7 to enable this feature again (although I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it… MS doesn’t support it). You can naviGate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\{CDCBCFCA-3CDC-436f-A4E2-0E02075250C2}  and clear out the value for RunAs.  This will enable the ability to do a runas and have explorer run in a separate process.  If […]