6 July 2016

Occasionally I get installers from vendors that just don’t play nice. OK… maybe it’s more than occasionally… Often it’s in the form of not having any parameters to do a nice, silent install and other times it’s one little quirky thing. Today that one thing was the uninstall of an MSI that forced a reboot […]

1 May 2016

I always love when I’m asked at work to do the maximum imaginable result with the least amount of resources. It’s like being asked to move a mountain and handed a single rope. While not impossible (you could do it in many trips with the rope tied to chunks), it does make you wonder, while […]

3 April 2016

A coworker pinged me the other day needing help with a short script he was running on a C# web page. He was pulling worker group information from Citrix and wanted to sort them based off of the number of servers in each worker group. There isn’t a property on the object returned from Get-XAWorkergroup […]

23 February 2015

I learned something new last Friday as well as had another idea driven home again. I like it when that happens. It’s odd to learn something yet periodically “realize” it all over again when life has need of that lesson. I started working again on a scripting promise I made a while ago about sharing […]

12 January 2015

Update 5-27-17 — This wont work with Seasons 19 and after as they have removed the download link from each episode page.  Also, Revision3 no longer exists (got folded into Seeker, whatever that is), so who knows how long the older episodes from 1-18 will continue to exist.  The actual download mp4 files were/are hosted […]

26 October 2014

While planning to develop some scripts that would be meant for others to use I had a need to implement a timeout when asking for input (and to go with a default value).  I didn’t think it had a timeout, but I looked at the documentation on read-host anyway and sure enough, no timeout.  I […]

25 September 2014

It’s funny how I can write code and then a long time afterwards need to write something for the same goal and come up with it in an easier way.  It makes sense, since I’ve likely learned more and grown in the time that has passed.  Still, to look back on the old cold and […]

3 August 2014

I hate it when I find a new — and very easy — solution to a problem.  I’ve only recently discovered the parameter -ExecutionPolicy to the powershell.exe application and the value “Bypass.”  It allows you to, you guessed it, bypass whatever execution policy is set even if it’s restricted.  Non-admins can use it too… which […]

20 April 2014

Some time ago I posted a script to remotely enable WinRM on a machine.  I have to admit it was fairly kludgy in that it had a lot of moving parts that had to execute just right.  Registry edits to turn on features, create listener config, modify firewall rules, and then cmdlets to remotely stop […]

16 April 2014

I can’t believe it’s already been over 2 years since I started this blog and I still don’t post nearly as often as I’d like.  I wish I could have something useful to post every week but, alas, I do not.  I’m not even sure how much my blog gets seen (by real people) let […]