12 February 2012

I created a WordPress blog at work for communication with my team.  It works fairly well.  I ran into an issue though, when uploading media in Office’s “new” format that it just opened as a bunch of code.  The version of Apache that came with Xampp (and I suspect on many hosts out there) needs the apache\conf updated to include the Mime types.  The line that should be added is:

application/vnd.openxmlformats             docx pptx xlsx

After adding the line, clicking a link should prompt the browser to download the file instead of display it as a bunch of gibberish code.

To update this on Domain.com I had to:

1.  Click on control panel next to your hosting package.
2.  Click on Manage Webspace (if you have multiple spaces please make sure you have selected the correct one first.
3.  Click on Website Configuration and across the top tabs click on MIME Types.

The Mime Type is as it’s typed above.  When entering the extensions, however, you have to seperate them each on their own line or by commas (no spaces!)

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