16 April 2014

I can’t believe it’s already been over 2 years since I started this blog and I still don’t post nearly as often as I’d like.  I wish I could have something useful to post every week but, alas, I do not.  I’m not even sure how much my blog gets seen (by real people) let alone is useful.  Not many comments or feedback and I believe most of the visitors are just robots 🙁  Not being popular isn’t a biggie for me.  The point of this blog was to help folks and I hope that I’m accomplishing that.  To those that have posted comments, thank you!  I’m always happy to know my efforts are not wasted or in vain.  I also realized that when I switched from my custom theme to one I downloaded from WordPress it didn’t have my stats code so I dont have stats for the past few months :\  I flipped back to my old, custom theme, and will just have to deal with the poorly designed comments section… sorry folks.

Even though I’ve been busy and when I come home I don’t feel like working more, I’ve managed to get a few “quick drafts” saved of the items I want to post about.  Some of those are:

  • Running encrypted Powershell scripts on the fly.  I do mean encrypted and NOT obfuscated!  I need to test it a little bit more though.
  • Caveats I’ve learned in securing WinRM on machines
  • Multithreading and displaying a progress bar with Powershell
    • I removed the one I had up already because it had a major logic flaw that I’m still embarrassed about even though I caught it months ago and I just have a better way of doing it.
      • If you happen to be using it, STOP!  You’re dropping a lot of data!  Sorry about that…
    • I want to work on my data collision issue when multiple threads are attempting to write to the same file
  • A more detailed “get-process” function (for remote machines) in Powershell
  • I also have a MUCH better version of my Remotely Enabling PSRemoting (WinRM) that has a much greater success rate.
    • Both mine and the commenter’s script on that post have an issue with when the firewall is attempted to be restarted (fails most of the time)… I’ve found a better way to do it which fixes the problem.

Several months ago I bought an Arduino kit but have just gone through the simple projects in the book that came with it.  Electronics have always fascinated me and I really want to get into some real projects.  I have a co-worker that is really into this stuff and even designs and prints his own circuit boards.  He’s given me a ton information, I just need to make the time to sit and do it.  I know I’ll love that discovery process and writing about it.

Just can’t seem to find my motivation for much these days… can’t even remember the last time I was at the gym :\

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