18 December 2011

I’ve been wanting to create this blog for a long time. It’s taken a long time because I didn’t have a design I was content with. The current one isn’t the greatest, but it’s clean, easy, and it looks nice. It’s the first one I’ve actually been satisfied with! Why I get hung up on a project over the design, I’m not sure, but that IS the reason why I couldn’t move forward.  It’s crazy, I know, but I just can’t “put it out there” for the world to see without it having a decent aesthetic value.  Even if the content is useful or entertaining, plenty of studies have been done on the internet that if a web page doesn’t look good, people most likely wont be back.  I would like people to come back if they stumble up on it!

Now that we have one of the eccentric quirks out of the way I want to explain what my purpose is for creating this blog.  I want to chronicle all of geeky endeavors; successes and failures.  From my experiences working in IT support, HAM radio, TV shows, nature, programming/scripting, Linux, astronomy, building machines, websites, gadgets, gaming, hacking, and any other thing that could fall under being a geek that I do in my day-to-day life.  It will revolve mostly around the items that fall under the “Technology” umbrella but will occasionally be dotted by the other items.  Those will most likely stay on my personal blog or Google+, though.

As the name states, I’m a curious geek.  I have an insatiable hunger to know how everything works and I’m often attempting to figure it out.  I like to tinker and tear things apart.  I’m not deterred by the method of trial and error and I love the experience of “seeing what happens.”  It’s what drives me and I’ll do it with practically anything.  I by no-means consider myself an expert on any subject, but I do some some about a lot of subjects.  I focus most of that energy to anything that falls under Technology or Science.  I’ve always had a natural aptitude for both, which should be no surprise since they go hand-in-hand.  I got my first computer about 16 years ago, back when they weren’t much more than word processors.  I think I may have had one or two games on 5.5″ floppies which I played on my black and orange monitor.  The curiosity of what more I could do happened immediately (and how could it not when that’s all I had to entertain me!) and I dabbled in a small amount of code.  It was really just scripting and learning how to modify some configuration.  About a year later we got a “real” computer with Windows 95 and it was on that machine that you could say I really got started.  With my AOL connection I was viewing source code and teaching myself HTML and building my own websites.  Not too long after came Windows 98 and things just kept rolling along from there.

Over the years I’ve learned the various windows operating systems (client and server), active directory, programming for desktops and the web (part of this blog project was learning WP and building it from scratch), scripting, some Linux, all sorts of applications, dns, some networking, how to build machines, a little bit of hacking, hundreds of software, many gadgets, etc.  Again, I’m not an expert in any of these areas and some of them I only have a little bit of knowledge (for instance I would not call myself a programmer even tho I’ve done some).  Still, I like to think I have useful knowledge to contribute.  I’ve relied on the internet quite a bit to get me through issues that come up both at home and at work.  I’d now like to direct some energy back into the internet and hopefully help some frustrated soul and maybe some of the folks that have helped me in the past.

So that’s my purpose.  To chronicle my adventures and experiences in technology and anything geek.  Comments are MORE than welcome as long as they are constructive.  I know I will post incorrect information or not do something the best way it could be done.  I would love to hear from those that have the correct information or alternative ways of accomplishing something.  Maybe I’ll post a few things that are awesome and correct, too 😉  Hopefully this blog can become a place to collaborate and grow from everyone that comes around.  Or maybe it will just be another dark corner in cyber space…

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