20 December 2011

The first trailer has been released!  http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/wb/thehobbit/

Not sure I’m too keen on the dwarfs, they seem too gimmicky/cartoon-y.  Although criticism about gimmick from a guy who designed his blog around the Linux terminal may be a bit hypocritical 🙂  They don’t look as real as the characters did in the The Lord of the Rings.  Still, I’ve been following Ian McKellen’s tweets and a few blog posts about filming and I’ve been really excited.  It was great to sit and watch this trailer; the sense of adventure and epic I had when the LoTR movies were released came back.  The Hobbit is the book I’ve read the fastest out of any other books I’ve read.  I had actually seen the movies before I ever ready any of the books (never was required reading throughout HS or college).  When it comes to movies and books I have to do them in order, so after the last movie came out I read The Silmarillion, which took a little while.  Then The Hobbit which I blazed through.  I began the Lord of The Rings a while later but maybe got 70 pages in.  Then the gap between I next picked it up was too long so I started over.  That time I got to around 100 or a little more and stopped for a long time.  Finally after the third time of starting it I finished, but even that took several months.  Never was a big reader so I often go weeks or months in between reading.

I’m sure this movie wont fail to amaze me with the sets, costumes and special effects.  It’s going to be a total geek out!

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