22 September 2015

I know, this title is pretty vague and can cover a lot of different causes but this one didn’t stand out to me at first and I thought I would share it.

Got called by a user at one of the facilities who could authenticate when logging into the machine but all network locations he kept getting the generic resources does exist or you don’t have access error. For example, we redirect our user’s desktops and favorites to a location stored out on a netapp share. When he would login he would get the error above because it was trying to load his desktop but couldn’t.

His credentials were fine and double checking the permissions on the folder showed they were fine, too. After removing his local profile (we don’t use roaming) it still persisted. Odd. Well, it turned out he had domain credentials stored in Credential Manager that were for a service account he had been testing earlier. Don’t get me started about how they got stored… After removing the stored credentials from credential manager everything was fine.

I just find it odd that credential manager isn’t tied to the profile and so persisted after removing the profile. On second thought, I guess it could be because the vault stores passwords and associates them to your SID and on a domain that remains the same even when a local profile is removed since it gets the SID from your domain account.

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